6 Best Country Clubs Near Santa Monica

6 Best Country Clubs Near Santa Monica

  • Coletti Estates
  • 06/20/24

Santa Monica, known for its picturesque beaches and vibrant coastal lifestyle, also serves as a gateway to some of the most prestigious country clubs in the Los Angeles area. Whether you're a golf enthusiast, a tennis aficionado, or someone who appreciates the finer things in life, the proximity to exclusive country clubs adds a layer of allure to Santa Monica real estate. In this article, we explore notable country clubs that enhance the living experience for residents and potential homebuyers in the area.

1. Brentwood Country Club

Nestled just north of Santa Monica, Brentwood Country Club offers a blend of luxury, sport, and social engagement. Known for its challenging 18-hole golf course and beautifully maintained grounds, this club is a sanctuary for those who value privacy and exclusivity. The club also features tennis courts, a swimming pool, and a grand clubhouse that hosts various social events, making it a perfect spot for family activities and networking.

2. Riviera Country Club

Located in the heart of Pacific Palisades, just a short drive from Santa Monica, the Riviera Country Club is steeped in history and prestige. Renowned for hosting the annual Genesis Invitational, the club's golf course is among the best in the nation and has been a battleground for many professional golfers. Beyond golf, Riviera boasts exceptional dining facilities and a rich program of social activities catering to its discerning members.

3. The Los Angeles Country Club

The Los Angeles Country Club, situated on the border of Beverly Hills and Westwood, represents a cornerstone of golfing heritage in Southern California. With its North and South courses, members enjoy diverse playing experiences that challenge both novice and experienced golfers. The club is also known for its strict privacy and exclusive membership, making it a coveted destination for those who prioritize discretion and top-tier amenities.

4. Bel-Air Country Club

Just east of Santa Monica, Bel-Air Country Club exudes an atmosphere of elegance and refinement. Surrounded by lush landscapes and panoramic views, the club features a championship golf course that meanders through a picturesque canyon. Additional facilities include tennis courts and a fitness center, all designed to provide a comprehensive country club experience. The social calendar at Bel-Air is lively, offering members a plethora of activities to engage in throughout the year.

5. Hillcrest Country Club

Hillcrest Country Club stands out for its cultural and historical significance within Los Angeles. Known for its distinctive membership base, which has historically included many of the city’s entertainment and business elites, Hillcrest offers more than just golf; it's a hub for professional networking and cultural gatherings. Located near Beverly Hills, it provides easy access for Santa Monica residents involved in the entertainment industry.

6. MountainGate Country Club

Overlooking the Santa Monica Mountains, MountainGate Country Club is famed for its scenic beauty and three 9-hole golf courses that cater to varying skill levels. The club also features tennis courts and fine dining options, making it a popular choice for families and corporate events. Its location and exceptional facilities serve sports enthusiasts and those who appreciate an escape into nature.

Why Choose Santa Monica?

Living in Santa Monica offers access to the beaches and urban conveniences and places residents within a stone's throw of these prestigious country clubs. This unique blend of beach life and elite recreational facilities significantly enhances the value of Santa Monica real estate. Whether you are looking to buy a home or invest in properties, the proximity to such clubs undoubtedly adds a layer of prestige and desirability.

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