8 Best Golf Courses Near Santa Monica

8 Best Golf Courses Near Santa Monica

  • Coletti Estates
  • 04/29/24

Santa Monica, known for its iconic coastline and bustling cultural scene, is also a gateway to some of Southern California's most prestigious golf courses. For potential homeowners and real estate investors, the presence of top-tier golf facilities enhances the appeal of properties in this area. These golf courses are not just places for sport; they represent hubs of community and lifestyle, offering lush landscapes, exclusive amenities, and social networking opportunities that cater to both avid golfers and leisure seekers. Whether you're seeking a challenging course that tests your skills or a tranquil environment for a relaxing day of golf, the courses near Santa Monica promise a perfect blend of luxury and recreation.

1. Brentwood Country Club

Situated just a short drive from Santa Monica, Brentwood Country Club epitomizes luxury and exclusivity. This private club boasts a meticulously maintained 18-hole course that challenges both novice and experienced golfers alike. The lush fairways and manicured greens are set against the backdrop of majestic trees and scenic views, making it a peaceful escape from the bustling city.

2. Riviera Country Club

A gem in the Pacific Palisades, Riviera Country Club is steeped in history and prestige. Known for hosting the annual Genesis Invitational, this course offers a stern test to golfers, featuring narrow fairways and well-guarded greens. The club's facilities and the course's classic design make it a favorite among golf aficionados and a coveted spot for social gatherings.

3. Penmar Golf Course

For those looking for a more laid-back and accessible golfing experience, Penmar Golf Course in Venice offers a welcoming atmosphere. This public 9-hole course is perfect for a quick round or for beginners aiming to improve their game. With affordable rates and no membership required, Penmar represents an excellent option for casual golfers living in or visiting Santa Monica.

4. Rancho Park Golf Course

Known for its challenging layout and historic significance in Los Angeles, Rancho Park Golf Course offers both a demanding 18-hole course and excellent practice facilities. It's a public course that provides opportunities for serious competition—having hosted several Los Angeles Opens—as well as casual play, making it a favorite among local residents. 

5. The Los Angeles Country Club

The Los Angeles Country Club is one of the most exclusive golf clubs globally, offering a sanctuary of sophistication and tradition. Its North and South courses are masterpieces of golf course design, providing unique challenges and pristine conditions. The North Course, known for its privacy and classic layout, has been the host site for numerous major championships, attracting golfers who appreciate historical and competitive play. Meanwhile, the South Course caters more to members' everyday play with its engaging layout and scenic beauty.

6. Bel-Air Country Club

Just a stone's throw from UCLA, Bel-Air Country Club offers a secluded and serene environment. The course is known for its tight fairways and dramatic elevation changes, providing a rigorous challenge to players of all skill levels. The club's amenities and the natural beauty of its surroundings make it a top choice for golfers seeking a tranquil retreat.

7. Westchester Golf Course

For a full 18-hole experience that is both accessible and enjoyable, Westchester Golf Course near LAX is hard to beat. This public course is well-loved for its night-lighted range and playable layout, making it a great spot for after-work rounds or weekend outings with friends or family.

8. Heroes Golf Course

Located at the West Los Angeles VA Medical Center, Heroes Golf Course is a unique venue that combines recreation with remembrance. This 9-hole course is not only beautifully maintained but also serves as a tribute to U.S. veterans. It’s an ideal place for those who appreciate the game’s quieter, more reflective side.

Concluding Thoughts

Whether you're a seasoned golfer looking for a challenging course or a casual player seeking a pleasant day out, the golf courses near Santa Monica cater to all preferences and skill levels. Each course offers unique features and amenities, making them worthy of consideration for anyone interested in the sport or looking for a home in the area.

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